Founder Story

My older brother Brent is the most important person in my life. I have always admired his honesty, strength, and uncanny ability to know exactly who he is no matter what. I knew Brent was something special, even at a very young age.

My Kindergarten drawing of Brent…

Over the years, I have watched Brent struggle with circumstances that were impossibly hard. He was teased in elementary school, bullied for being different in high school and told that he wasn’t good enough by some of his family members. Brent struggled to find his place as an adult; he tried community college and working at a grocery store. Nothing was a good fit for him and every situation he was put in was harder than the last.

It became clear that the “typical” adult path would not work for Brent. My brilliant mother, who has been an entrepreneur her entire life, decided to create something for Brent. She combined his humor and love of cartoons to help him start a business. The result of their hard work is Unintentional Humor® a collection of popular books and humorous products—that allow Brent to share his perspective on the world.

Everyone has moments that stick with you for your entire life, and watching Brent speak in front of an audience for the first time is one of those moments for me. Beforehand he was nervously trying to memorize the things he was supposed to say, but when he got up there, he transformed into a different person. I was completely in awe of him and the audience was too. In that instant, I realized that Brent had finally found his voice and his purpose. Afterwards it struck me, if Brent can experience this kind of transformation, shouldn’t everyone have that opportunity? And so this journey began…

Brent continues to be my biggest inspiration, traveling the country sharing his message (seriously, you should check out his website). I believe that everyone has the right to a bright and promising future. I started Celebrate EDU to create more stories like Brent’s and I hope that this organization will spark the potential in everyone.