Ready to practice having your own business while exploring your awesomeness?

Kindling Entrepreneur Workshops provide the opportunity to experience what it is like to create a business, first-hand. Not only will you learn business basics, like problem-solving, and understanding competitors, you will also develop your own ideas, and practice with others, Plus you will have lots of fun too! The Kindling Workshop is a great experience for everyone, especially if:

  • You are creative
  • You want to learn more about yourself
  • You are planning for your future


How it Works

Kindling Workshops are 1-day, in-person programs designed to give a first-hand experience with entrepreneurship. You work with a small team to design a unique popcorn business; creating a name, logo, and business model. Together you share with others, observe group presentations, and eat lots of popcorn.

You will also get the chance to practice business etiquette, design a support network, meet an entrepreneur, and learn more about yourself and your interests. And we can guarantee that you will have lots of fun—97% of people at Kindling Workshops say they did!


Host a Kindling Workshop

We are always looking for awesome schools, organizations, and programs to host Kindling Workshops. If you are interested, please take a few minutes to fill out tell us about you and your organization:



What You Will Learn

Not only will you have a total blast at a Kindling Workshop you will also learn some important and helpful things like:

  • How to share your ideas and collaborate with others
  • Business etiquette for introductions, meetings, and phone calls
  • Who is in your Support Network
  • Your entrepreneurial traits
  • How to use your interests to Discover Your AWESOME




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