Program Offerings

We offer 3 different programs that serve self-advocates, family members, educators, and service providers:

  • Family and service provider trainings teach the benefits of entrepreneurial education and how to use this tool to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. This 1-hour session is offered to all educators, service providers, family members, and self-advocates.

  • One-day Kindling Workshops introduce entrepreneurship by teaching how to start a popcorn business. Attendees practice business etiquette, meet a local entrepreneur, and explore how to use their interests and skills as a path for employment. This program is available to young adults with I/DD ages 15 and up.

  • The Spark Program is a comprehensive online curriculum that teaches the specific steps for starting a business. We offer The Spark Program to schools and organizations who train instructors to teach the curriculum, and to individuals with disabilities who receive virtual instruction from Celebrate EDU staff.

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