Program Offerings

We offer 3 different programs that serve self-advocates, family members, educators, and service providers.

Entrepreneurial Education Information Sessions/Trainings:

These sessions teach the benefits of entrepreneurial education and how to use this tool to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. Attendees will learn how to empower the I/DD community with innovative education and self-exploration tools. Everyone is invited!!

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Kindling Entrepreneurship Workshops

A fun day where you learn how to start a business. You work with others to design a popcorn company, practice basic business etiquette, and use computers to take an entrepreneurial traits assessment and an interest survey. You will leave the Kindling Workshop knowing more about business, self-employment, and what types of jobs you will enjoy. This program is available for students with disabilities ages 15 and up.

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The Spark Program

This is a comprehensive online curriculum that teaches the specific steps for starting a business. We partner with schools and organizations who train their instructors to teach our curriculum. We also provide direct instruction to individuals with disabilities through our online Spark Program course.

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