Bonfire Club Resources

For each topic we discuss in Bonfire Club, we will look for helpful resources we think can make your business even more AWESOME. Here are some we have found:

Photography Resources:

Here are some helpful resources we thought could be useful for this month’s challenge of taking great photos:

Download: Square Photo App

For taking great product photos

Click here to learn more about the Square Product Photo editing app which removes the background from your photos to help you get great product shots.

Article: Why High-Quality Photos Are Important To Your Business

This article walks through 5 reasons why having high-quality photos is so important! We thought it was helpful!

Download: Focos App

For blurring out backgrounds in photos

It’s Hilary!

This is an app that Hilary uses! It can blur out a background of a photo to make the person in front stand out more. Check it out by clicking here.