Do you have a business idea but need help getting started?

Maybe you need to buy equipment or supplies…

Perhaps you need to purchase inventory or get a webpage…

Good news! Our Microgrant Program can help your business sprout and grow!

See if you qualify for a Microgrant…

The Details:

  • Available for business ideas of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities age 16 or older

  • Up to $500 is awarded for each Microgrant

  • Funds can be used for supplies, equipment, materials, or other items you need to start or expand your business idea
  • Approved applicants must complete a free course on finance & budgeting prior to receiving funding

  • Microgrant recipients receive access to Celebrate EDU online courses for additional business support
  • Eligible product and service businesses must not require more than $2,500 to get started (please see details in FAQ)

Sounds Great! How Do I Apply?

  1. Take the eligibility quiz. If you qualify…

  2. Download the application worksheet.

  3. Take some time to think through your business idea and fill out the application. Make sure all information is complete and that you’ve used professional writing, grammar, and spelling.

  4. Use the worksheet to complete our online application.

  5. Our committee meets every 12 weeks to review applications and we can’t wait to read yours!

Microgrant Applications are currently closed but will reopen April 2024

Meet our Microgrant Recipients

Anna Sasser
Down Right Designs
Choudrant, LA
2023 Recipient

Jay Castro
Jay’s Trees
Walbridge, OH
2023 Recipient

Sarah Tyrrell
Able Heart Co.
Manteca, CA
2022 Recipient

Megan Brown
Waking Crystals
London, Ontario
2022 Recipient

Sarah Opsvig
Pup Bites by Sarah
Fontana, CA
2022 Recipient

Arturo Arias
Arturo’s Famous Bakery
Clovis, CA
2022 Recipient

Van Lukassen
Rocky Mountain Video Transfer
Montrose, CO
2022 Recipient

Victoria Reckert
Dirty Hippie Arts
Oyster Bay, NY
2021 Recipient

Sarah Corona
Corona Sol
Fresno, CA
2021 Recipient

Andrew Turner
Aberdeen Farm Studios
Petersberg, MI
2021 Recipient

Keegan McCarthy
Keegan’s Art Corner
Long Beach, NY
2021 Recipient

Hannah Paslak
Hannah’s Vision
Manteca, CA
2021 Recipient

Tania Richardson
Special T Teas
Lakewood, CO
2021 Recipient

Ethan Davis
3ND Glass
Denver, CO
2021 Recipient

AJ Bach
Perrysburg, OH
2021 Recipient

Arianna Leggs
Nashville, TN
2021 Recipient

Tyler Wolleson
Mad World Images
Bowling Green, OH
2021 Recipient

Ivan Carter
Hot Customs
Bowling Green, OH
2021 Recipient

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I use my Microgrant for?

A Celebrate EDU Microgrant can be used for anything related to your business idea. You could buy a camera for your photography business, build a website to showcase your products, purchase supplies to create art or jewelry, or buy supplies for your dog walking business. Pretty much anything related to your business idea is fine, but you do have to submit the receipts for items purchased with your follow up survey and report. Please be as specific as possible when sharing what you will use the Microgrant for in your application!

I already have a business. Can I receive a Microgrant?

A Celebrate EDU Microgrant is available to support new or emerging business ideas that are driven by the interest of the self-advocate. If you have an established business that has generated more than $3,000 in revenue, you are not eligible to receive Microgrant funding.

What kinds of businesses can receive a Microgrant?

Your business must offer direct sales to customers by selling:

  • A product, such as dog treats, artwork, or food
  • A service, such as computer repair, landscaping or photography

Additional requirements:

  • Business startup costs cannot exceed $2,500 – to ensure that the Microgrant makes an impact on the business’s success.
  • Business must generate revenue from sales to customers (not through influencer marketing or ad sales)

Your business concept must conform to legal requirements and may not involve any of the following categories:

  • Multi-level marketing or pyramid models
  • Affiliated with a religious organization
  • Franchisee of another business
  • Cannabis or marijuana industry
  • Involved in political campaigns or lobbying
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Investment management
What do I need to do to receive a Microgrant?

You need to submit an application, which our committee will review. After the 1st committee meeting, you may be asked to submit additional materials. If we select your business to receive a grant, you will be asked to complete our finance and budgeting course online and submit a business budget before receiving funds.

When does the Microgrant committee meet?

The Microgrant Committee meets once every quarter. The deadline for submissions is typically the week before the meeting. Any submissions made after the deadline date will be reviewed at the following meeting.

How will a Microgrant be delivered?

After you complete the finance and budgeting course and submit your business budget, we will send a check for the Microgrant. You will need to save and submit all receipts for items purchased with your Microgrant funds.

How will a Microgrant help my business?

That is up to you! Some people use the money to purchase better equipment or supplies, others use it to promote their business. Make sure to have a plan for how you will use the money before you apply. If you receive a grant, you will have the chance to take our online entrepreneurship courses to help build your business skills.

How can I improve my chances of receiving a Microgrant?
  • Have a clear and specific business idea
  • Explain clearly why you are interested in running this business
  • Understand who your potential customers will be
  • Provide something that makes you different from your competition
  • Have a realistic project plan, timeline, and budget (less than $2,500)
  • Clearly explain what product or service your business sells

Ideally, you’ll have completed some business education and research, though you certainly don’t have to be an expert.

Are parent-run businesses eligible for a Microgrant?

The business idea MUST be driven by the self-advocate. We encourage parents, family members, and staff to be active support people. However, we do not accept business ideas that are primarily driven by a parent or support person.

The quiz says I am not eligible yet. What can I do?

If you don’t have a business idea yet, we recommend looking into Spark 101, which is our signature course focused on helping people explore their options and find interest-based self-employment or employment options. You can also check out our resources page and our other course offerings.

What are the Terms & Conditions of the program?

Ah yes, the boring legal mumbo jumbo! You can read the Terms & Conditions here and the program rules here.

Interested in applying for a Microgrant?