Ethan Davis is a young Colorado native, talented artist, and entrepreneur. He specializes in glass blowing, and started his business 3ND Glass in 2019 after practicing his craft for several years. His laser-sharp focus, determination, and talent have helped him take his skill and turn it into a profitable business!

Ethan first learned about the art of glass blowing in 2014 after multiple trips to an exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens featuring American glass blower, Dale Chihuly. The exhibit piqued his interest, and over the next several years he continued to learn more about this art form. In late 2017 he had the opportunity to try his hand at it, and as the saying goes, the rest is history!

Since 2017, Ethan has worked with amazing teachers in 3 different studios. He started with simple projects and basic shapes like spheres, cylinders, and ovals, but has continually developed his skillset and identity as an artist. “A major source of inspiration [for me] was going to a studio in England where they had many naturalistic sculptures,” he shared.

Today, Ethan’s speciality is small pieces that resemble plants, fungi, and animals. He also enjoys finding ways to reuse broken glass by crushing them into colors that he can use in his own pieces.

“I get to work for myself and make all the important decisions”

His glass blowing business has become a true passion and success, although it had a humble beginning. “I started my business because my mom commissioned me to make some birds for her business, and it went from there. I have enjoyed working on almost every aspect of my business.” Ethan loves being a business owner, and likes that entrepreneurship helps push him to continue to grow as an artist. “Very few teens blow glass let alone sell it,” he added.

Ethan received a Celebrate EDU Microgrant in 2021, and was able to use the funds to expand his online presence and buy materials to make sculptures like owls made out of speckled glass. You can purchase Ethan’s products on his website and follow his entrepreneurial journey on Instagram or Facebook