Teaching online is tough…we are here to make it easier for you!

Using our online curricula, our partners have the opportunity to teach a wide array of classes including self-advocacy, job skills, self-employment, professional etiquette and more!



We help you uncover opportunities to support and engage your community.


You receive tools to facilitate learning, self-exploration, & skill development.


Together our partnership will provide creative solutions to challenging times.


The self-advocates you work with are empowered with skills and opportunities for the future.

Become a Partner Now!

Why reinvent the wheel? We have the tools for you to teach online. In the past 5 years, we have learned a lot and want to share all of our resources with you.


Self-Advocate First

Our programs create self-advocates, people who know themselves and have the tools to achieve their goals.


We provide person-centered curricula to uncover skills, strengths, and opportunities for interest-based employment.

Innovative Solutions

We utilize the power of technology to provide online learning that is cutting-edge in the field.


We work with others to build communities that are engaged, impactful and embrace possibilities for the future.

Meet Some of our Partner Organizations:

The partnership with Celebrate EDU has been phenomenal. It has given the opportunity for so many of our young people to be able to fulfill their dreams about what they want to do with their own life.


Terri Janison

President & CEO, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation

Thanks to Celebrate EDU’s Community Courses, we have begun working virtually with a few of our youth, and it is going very well. The activities spark great discussions and the smiles are priceless!

Stephanie Cavanaugh

Transition Specialist, Wood County Board of DD