Only you can define your own success. Through The Spark Program, you will discover how to take your interests and turn them into something truly remarkable.

The Spark Program online curriculum teaches entrepreneurship using your own individual interests. Throughout the 8 – 10 week course, you will learn what it takes to start a business. The best part is that the Spark Program celebrates your individuality— you will learn how to start a business designed around your talents.

Throughout the Spark Program and you will:

  • Learn the basics of entrepreneurship.
  • Discover what you love and practice turning it into a business.
  • Have control of your own education

How It Works:

Whether you have a passion for music, food, art, or anything else, the Spark Program is for you. You will have the opportunity to explore your personal interests and strengths and learn important business skills and how to use them in your life. 
The Spark Program teaches personalized entrepreneurship through:

  • Video lessons
  • Interactive worksheets and activities
  • Group discussion
  • Learning about other self-advocate entrepreneurs


What You Learn:

The Spark Program curriculum teaches the basics of starting a business. After completing the program, you will have valuable entrepreneurship skills that can be used in all aspects of your life. Some of the cool things you will learn:

  • Different types of businesses
  • The importance of customers
  • What are competitors and competitive advantage
  • Pricing and revenue
  • How to plan for a business meeting or phone call
  • Ways to talk with others about your ideas
  • How to build a support network

No matter who you are or what skills you have, only you determine what your goals are. With the Spark Program, you take the first step to making your goals a reality!

Be A Spark Partner

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