Support the Celebrate Shop

In honor of our 9th (GOLDEN) birthday, Celebrate EDU is raising funds to launch our new Celebrate Shop! The Celebrate Shop will be both an online store and local pop-ups that will serve as a sales channel for Celebrate EDU entrepreneurs. Many of our entrepreneurs do not have the capacity to fulfill and ship orders, so we will do it for them. Our goal is to help them grow their businesses and find long-term success! We hosted a virtual event all about this project, you can watch the recording here.

What the funds will do:
$6,000 purchase inventory directly from entrepreneurs with disabilities
$3,500 build the online shop website
$3,000 creation of classes for entrepreneurs selling at the store
$1,500 marketing and promotion of the shop
$1,000 displays/materials for local events
$1,000 shipping materials
$16,000 GOAL